NZ Relief Teachers is an easy to use system that will help you manage your current relievers list and connect you with other Relievers in your area with the click of a button!

Simply upload your relievers (and search your area to add other relievers to your pool). When you need a reliever, simply log on, click send request, the system will automatically send out a text message to the relievers on your favourites list and await a response! The first reliever to respond to the text is booked with the work! Their calendar and the school/centres calendar will be updated and the other relievers will be sent a courtesy text explaining the work has been taken. You have the choice of using the email system OR for a more instant response, a text message! You can use the system in this way to book more than one reliever.

After the reliever has worked, give them feedback! This will be posted to their profile so it's easy to see references from other Schools!

Keep track of what your relief is being used for, eg Absent Teacher, Professional Development, Teacher release or other!

Search & Select

NZ Relief Teachers has an advanced search and select tool. This provides Schools with specific categories and skills to search for Relievers.


Simply upload your relievers to the system and when you need to book one, simply send out a request then await a response via text message or email.

Location Tools

Your School will pop up to Relievers who are willing to travel out to you! Using Google Maps, there'll be no explaining where your School is or how to get there! Simple.

Shortlist Features

If you have a list of Relievers you like to call on, add them to your 'favourites' list. When you need a Reliever, you can search this shortlist feature first if you want. Everyday new Relievers will be signing up, so have a look through, read their CV's and add them to your favourites list!