When a School or Early Childcare Centre needs a Reliever at any given time, they are able to view Relievers who are available for work.

Schools and Centres now have the option of uploading their current reliever pool to make managing and booking relievers easier! 

Simply upload your relievers (and search your area to add other relievers to your pool).  When you need a reliever, simply log on, click send request, the system will automatically send out a text message to the relievers on your favourites list and await a response! The first reliever to respond to the text is booked with the work! Their calendar and the school/centres calendar will be updated and the other relievers will be sent a courtesy text explaining the work has been taken.  You have the choice of using the email system OR for a more instant response, a text message! You can use the system in this way to book more than one reliever.

After the reliever has worked, give them feedback! This will be posted to their profile so it's easy to see references from other Schools/Early Childcare Centres!

Schools/Centres can search Relievers based on specific skills they may require or for a Reliever who has experience in a type of teaching philosophy, such as Waldorf, Montessori, Reggio, Christian etc.

Please note: This is not a recruitment company. This is a way for Schools and Early Childcare Centres to connect and manage their relievers!

Schools/Centres Make Contact

Book a reliever quickly and hassle free by the click of a button!

Log on, click send request to the relievers on your favourites list.

Await response!


Contact is instant via text mesage and email alert!

Accept or Decline

Reliever, accept the request in real time by responding to the text!

A confirmation text will be sent to the School/Early Childcare Centre! 

The system will automatically update both the School's/Centre's Calendar and the Relievers calendar with the booked work!


Schools/Centres Hire

Once a School/Centre books a Reliever, the Relievers MOE number will automatically be emailed to the Schools Payroll officer, so payment is made easier!