Schools and Early Childcare Centres

New Zealand Relief Teachers now offers contact between Schools and Early Childcare Centres via text message! 

Later in the year we hope to introduce an app and another way of contact via Push Notification.

Due to these changes there is now an annual administration fee associated with the sign up and maintenance of the system with Schools and Early Childcare Centres.

The fees are as follows:

  • U1 - 1-50 students: $49.95 + gst
  • U2 - 51-100: $99 + gst
  • U3 - 101-150: $149.95 + gst
  • U4 - 151-300: $199+ gst
  • U5 - 301-500: $249+gst
  • U6 - 501-675: $299 + gst
  • U7 - 676-850: $349 + gst
  • 851 + students: $399 + gst
  • All early childcare centres: $49 + gst

This is a annual registration fee that covers administration costs.

There are no booking fees.

Text message charges are 25c per text and will be invoiced to the school or childcare centre at the end of the month.

When you need future relief and an instant response is not required, use the email system which is free.

There are no agency fees or contractual obligations associated with hiring relievers off the website.

Relief Teachers

New Zealand Relief Teachers is free for relievers to register.

There is an option of upgrading your profile and access a number of easy to use printable resources for a small annual fee of $19.95 a year. Your profile will be at the top of the search list and first viewed by local schools or Early childcare centres.