How it Works

Send work requests to multiple relievers all at once! Receive instant confirmation of work via text message! Keep a track of work requests via your personal calendar! NZRT is not a recruitment agency. There are no hidden costs or contracts (there's an annual registration fee to cover the management of the website and cost of text). This has been designed by teachers for teachers, schools and early childcare centres. Get connected now!


Schools will be asked to give Relief Teachers written feedback and/or a 5 star rating after using them. This is moderated by Relief Teacher. If the Relief Teacher chooses to publish this, then future Schools are able to view this information. If a Relief Teacher chooses to apply for full time work, then they will be able to print off these electronic references and use them in their CV!


Relief Teachers have the ability to block out days they are unable to work. When a School requires a Reliever, whether its in a few hours or in a few months time, they are able to view that Relievers Calendar. When Schools have upcoming courses, Schools can book Relievers ahead of time! NZ Relief Teachers keeps all bookings from day to day relief, PRT, CRT and PD courses all in the one place!

Location Tools

Using Google Maps, Schools within the Relief Teachers selected range of travel will pop up!

Shortlist Feature

Shortlist features is a unique system that will make finding a Reliever for the needs of your School simple and stress free. If you require a Reliever with skills in Te Reo, working with Special Needs children or the like, you are able to view Relievers who have experience and skills in these areas!

Powerful Search

With state of the art search engines, there's no waiting, no time wasting and satisfied clients!


Schools, browse Relievers in your area and check out their Profiles! Profile information includes a bio on the Reliever, CV which is uploaded to their page and a range of information pertaining to their skills and abilities!

Over 364 Schools & Centres across New Zealand are registered with us

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